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Seeking Arrangements review 2023

Seeking Arrangements review 2023
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Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 21-40
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.1
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Pros and Cons

  • Lots of women: The number of women on this platform is much larger than any other dating site. The ratio of men to women is 1:4
  • Lucky women: This platform offers better options for women. College women can often get premium membership on the platform.
  • Ten messages: Women can enjoy the free services, but men can send only ten messages before they get the membership.
  • Mutual benefits: The agreement makes sure that the two parties have mutual benefits in the entire situation.
  • Men also got some perks: Men have the perk of communicating with many women in the dating portal.
  • The monetary aspects are quite clear, and the terms indicate that relationships will be direct and devoid of love.
  • It’s not the place where you would look for a soulmate.
  • There are scammers and sex workers on the site for monetary benefits.
  • The financial status is verified by the authorities, which might take a long time.
  • Membership is very expensive. Men have to pay for every feature.

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Introduction To Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangements

SeekingArrangement is the place for the adventures where you will meet a partner who will be in for anything you desire. The capital exchange is based entirely on the ground of the relationship. There might be love in the relationship as well, but it will always begin with money.

SeekingArrangement is firmly based on the fact that the parties will have mutual benefits. There are two types of members.

  • Sugar daddy or sugar mommy
  • Sugar babies

The primary aim of the platform is to create a relationship that makes sure that the parties are satisfied with their expectations. The sugar daddy websites mainly include wealthy individuals who might find love and companionship. The sugar babies are ambitious, and they want someone who can help them financially. If the mutual benefits agree, the members can hop on the platform to find companions.

Seeking Arrangements Audience Analysis

Seeking Arrangements

This site has turned out to be a place for scammers and sex workers as well. The platform often makes background checks to remove fake profiles and keep their integrity.

Sugar Daddy Vs. Baby Ratio

87% of the relationships are short-termed. The sugar daddy and sugar baby will stay together only for their mutual benefit. They seek company in a “no strings attached” manner. Sugar babies can enjoy fancy lives in this lifestyle. 11% of the relationships may become long-term but without any commitment. 2% of the couples find love and walk down the aisle with hopes for the future.

Sugar Babies Age, Geographical and Ethnic structure

48% of the sugar babies are between 18 and 22 years. The age group of 23 to 26 years includes 34%. Sugar babies under the age of 32 years but more than 27 comprise 12%. Sugar babies above the age of 32 comprise 6% of the community.

Sugar Daddies Age, Geographical and Ethnic structure

Sugar daddies are older men. 7% of men in the community are below 40 years. 40 to 50 years age group takes up 42%. There are 36% men in the 50 to 60 age group. 15% of the men are 60 years or above.

Seeking Arrangements: Website Usability

Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangement has a straightforward approach. They do not have many options which can match the profiles automatically. The simplicity of the website can help the users to find their way about it. Dating sites are often difficult to follow. Seeking Arrangement is not in the confusing category.

There are premium and featured members who have their background checks done. There are three categories which you can check on the homepage, and the extra categories have been added recently.

  • Newest Members
  • Featured Members
  • Premium Members
  • Background Verified Members
  • College Members

You can refresh the page and check out a new variety of people in your area as well.

Seeking Arrangement is one of the most accessible sites to navigate in terms of dating portals.

Special Features Of Seeking Arrangements

The site design is very simple, and you can check out the special features which are tucked away safely. The special features are mentioned as follows.

The Search Function

The robust search structure in the case of this website is very favorable. You can find the things you are looking for quite easily. If you are here to find a match, there is a maximum chance that you will get it without any hassle.

Seeking Arrangement Search Options

  • Private Images: You can store some albums with hidden images in them. The members whom you trust enough can be given access to these images. It can help you to maintain your privacy in the portal as well. You can also verify your identity before getting intimate.
  • Gift List: Sugar babies can make up lists of things that they want and see whether the sugar daddies can provide them or not. All of your information can be kept private, and the gift can still arrive at your location.

The sugar daddies can take the opportunity of this feature and make a big surprise gesture. It can show that you are serious about the arrangement. You can send a gift to the person you like to show that you are not faking your identity. This can set you apart from the other people who are on the website.

Seeking Arrangements Registration & Profile

Seeking Arrangements

You have to fill up the following details at SeekingArrangement:

  • Email ID
  • Gender
  • Username
  • Type of Account( whether it’s a sugar daddy, sugar mommy, or sugar baby)
  • User interest (female, male, or both)
  • income status/annual income( for sugar daddy/ mommy)

You can add up your profile image as well. The administrators will verify the details and photos before allowing visibility.

College girls can get a free premium membership for SeekingArrangement. They can sign up with the help of other social media profiles, proving them as legit users. The background check by the website is very authentic. This is a requirement to maintain the proper legal status.

Profile Quality Of Sugar Daddie

Professional and affluent men are in the category of sugar daddies looking for flexible young women for company. The sugar babies will have a tremendous amount of advantage on this platform.

Seeking Arrangement is very careful about the inclusion of sex workers into the website. No one can abuse the sugar relationship on this platform. The site is careful about fake profiles, and the sex workers are banned immediately.

Profile Quality Of Sugar Baby

Sugar daddies can hope to find elegant and beautiful women of taste on this platform. It does not simply have an attractive face but sophisticated behavior as well. Most of the girls on the website are extremely elegant and stylish.

One may think that such beauty might make women more demanding and snobbish. However, on Seeking Arrangement, it seems that most women who sign up are extremely down to earth.

Pricing & Membership Of Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangement has a real deal, and you have to pay a good amount of money if you want to avoid the different types of wrong dates. The prices of the platform can be mentioned as follows:

For Succesful Members

  • Premium Subscription – $ 89.95 / Month
  • Premium Subscription – $ 239.85 / 3 Months
  • Diamond Membership – $ 249.95 / 1 Month

For Attractive Members

  • Premium Subscription – $ 19.95 / 1 Month
  • Premium Subscription – $ 44.85 / 3 Months

Free Membership features

Standard Sugar Daddy Membership:

  • Ten complimentary messages (one-time only)
  • Sugar Babies Searches
  • View visitors & favorites

Standard Sugar Baby Membership:

  • The user should have one profile photo along with a valid profile for sending messages
  • standard search viewable

Premium Membership features

Premium Sugar Daddy Membership:

  • Unlimited messages (Send & receive)
  • Become featured on the user’s dashboard
  • Communicating even without a profile photo
  • Priority provided over the users with Standard account in the profile approval procedure
  • Hiding profile
  • Hiding online status
  • Hiding the last country from where it is logged in
  • Customized search filters
  • Displaying multiple-profile locations
  • Ability to check if a user is reading the message

Premium Sugar Baby Membership:

  • Featured in searches as well as featured members
  • Users without a public profile or photos can also communicate
  • Hiding the last country login
  • Priority is given to premium members over the Standard members, especially in the profile approval procedure.
  • When another person reads a user’s messages, it can be checked
  • Accessing all filters for searches

How To Make Contact On Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangements

Messaging services that are available on this platform are better than anything else. The messaging services are completely free for women. But men can send only ten messages before getting the premium membership. The men have to pay for a premium subscription level at Seeking Arrangement to submit more than ten messages.

Process Of Browsing

The members can put up some of the best filter preferences to get the best options in the field. Ubiquitous filter options which are present automatically at Seeking Arrangement can be mentioned as follows:

  • Location: The user can find via region, city, postal code, country, or can mention the distance (within 250 miles)
  • Preferred Age
  • Height
  • Educational background
  • Language
  • Color of Hair
  • Drinking and Smoking habits
  • children, if any

The platform offers some additional search filters for premium members, such as:

  • Body type
  • Net-worth
  • Ethnicity
  • Relationship & Membership status

Process Of Matching

There are large numbers of matches on either gender. There are times when the authorities found several accounts which had clearly verified information. Seeking Arrangement can provide the option for the users to verify their backgrounds as well. The verification badges have given a boost to the page.

Process Of Messaging

Messaging services of SeekingArrangement are considered to be great. The services are entirely free for women, and the men can send ten messages easily. More than ten messages by men would require premium membership and subscription at Seeking Arrangement.

Safety & Privacy Of Seeking Arrangements


The privacy policy has made sure that the users are protected. The agreement allows the platform to keep the records of the users for a very long time. The communication services are made safe through encryption measures. The relevant data is kept secure and not shared with the third party.

Customer Services & Moderation

SeekingArrangement is just like any other dating website where you can seek support in customer service. If you need any additional help, you can ask the help center and report issues.

Bots & Scams

Bots and sex workers are widespread on this platform. The site has followed a strict ban in terms of prostitution. The staff moderators make sure that fake profiles do not appear on the website at any instance.

The companies do not sponsor bots, but there would definitely be some fake profiles. They can be recognized easily as these bots are easy to ignore, and they are not conversational. They are more interested in intercourse rather than any kind of relationship.

Sugar babies may have unique profiles, and there can be some unusual wants or requests. Relationships might not have straightforward intercourse. You have to keep an open mind when you are stepping into the world of sugar relationships.

Overall Conclusion On Seeking Arrangements


This platform is ideal for people to find companions who agree with their tastes. It helps to create a relationship where both parties admire each other’s tastes. It is better not to look out for a relationship or soulmate on this website. It is not the place to look for serious relations. The expectations and goals are quite straightforward. Openness and reliability make these relationships stronger than usual.

You cannot hope to find a better website than Seeking Arrangement if you are looking for sugar dating.

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