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What’s Your Price Review: Best sugar dating site

What’s Your Price Review: Best sugar dating site
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 22-38
Profiles 453 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Find all sorts of arrangements with sugar daddies, babies, and mummies.
  • You can buy affordable credits instead of conventional monthly memberships.
  • Users have the chance to express their intentions by bidding.
  • A refund policy is available for unsuccessful bidding.
  • Responsive customer support
  • Easy to use site
  • Understanding the concept can be challenging.
  • You might bump into escorts and prostitutes who pretend to be genuine members.

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Nothing can stop you from finding sugar dates if you prefer this arrangement. What’s Your Price is one of the dating sites you might want to explore if you don’t mind bidding to find someone looking for sugar relationships.

Does this site appeal to you? Would you give it a chance even if it meant someone might counter your bid? If you are unsure about this website, here is the What’s Your Price review to enlighten you on what you are missing – read on!

What’s Your Price General Description

What’s Your Price is one of the interesting websites you can try in the sugar dating niche. Bradon Wade is the man behind this unmatched website, making its debut in 2010.

Since its launch, at least three million have found the site resourceful. The members are divided into two distinct groups: Generous and Attractive. The former refers to those who prefer bidding to win someone’s attention, while the latter are those you bid on.

Usually, men bid on a profile they find attractive, and if you are lucky, you will win the heart of a sugar baby. However, women can counter the offer if they feel they are worth much more than what you offer.

The website can be an excellent platform for anyone looking for a free sugar dating website. This service is available in at least 35 countries. Here is a chance to meet with other sugar dating individuals for any arrangement.

Website and App Interface

Website and App Interface

What’s Your Price is only accessible via the browser version. It has a clean layout with a friendly layout. You can access all the features (search function, favorites, messages, and bidding) on the homepage.

It is easy to use the service even if you are not a tech guru. Otherwise, the website looks modern and features a minimalistic design, making the navigating the interface satisfactory.

What’s Your Price Special Features

Though it is free to use, you don’t have a chance to interact with fancy features. However, you will find several unique features that will help you succeed in your journey of finding love. The site is simple and lacks features you are likely to find on other sugar dating websites. Even so, the fact that What’s Your Price is free to use is what makes the site distinct from many competitor brands.

What’s Your Price Audience & Demographics

Most of the What’s Your Price subscribers are women who compose approximately 60% of the members. A majority of these members are from the United States. The website records a weekly activity of 500,000. Most of the sugar babies are in their mid-twenties to thirties, and generous men are in the age bracket of 40+. You will get members across all races and religions. Though the platform has plenty of genuine members, fakes and scammers are inevitable.

How do the Sugar Daddies and Sugar Baby Memberships Compare?

Since its launch, What’s Your Price has attracted over 3.5 million members globally. At least 5.1 million bids have been placed on this website. And since women prefer being bid on, most of the subscribers are of this gender – 60% of the subscribers are females while the rest are men.

What’s Your Price Searching Process

What’s Your Price has a search function to help users find matches using specific filters. For example, you can search for someone by keying in a location, ethnicity, religion, or age. You might find the search function helpful if you don’t want to waste your time browsing through profiles to find someone compatible. And since your preferences are unlikely to change when looking for dates, we recommend using the search feature for automatic results.

What’s Your Price Matching Process

The first thing you want to know before signing up on a sugar dating site is to find out how you will find matches. So, what are your chances at What’s Your Price?

There are plenty of hot sugar babies looking for sugar daddies. So if you are a sugar daddy, here is a platform to find someone you can spoil for a relationship, casual hookups, and companionship.

The first and easiest way is to look through profiles and see if you can get someone appealing. Profiles tell what someone is looking for. Remember, sugar babies will see sugar daddy profiles, whereas generous sugar individuals will see profiles of sugar babies.

While it would be common for ladies to receive more bids, some men also prefer being bed on. And there is nothing to lose because the site has a handful of sugar mamas. If searching for matches appears tiresome, you can use the search filter to find matches quickly.

Though most members are into sugar dating, some are after extortion and furthering their prostitution habits. Men equally might be preying on unsuspecting users. So it will be best to be on guard against anyone you feel uncomfortable with.

Once you find someone interesting, you can send them a message. Note that messaging is only available for paid members (accepted offers). If you don’t have an offer, you can send winks to capture a user’s attention.

What’s Your Price Sign Up Process and Profile Structure

What’s Your Price Sign Up Process and Profile Structure

Signing up on What’s Your Price is easy and user-friendly, provided you are 18+. It takes less than one minute to register on this website. You need a username, email address, age, and password to complete the signup. Check your email for a verification code to activate your account.

But then, you should proceed to create a profile. Members are divided into two groups; generous or attractive. Sugar daddies and sugar mummies will click the generous tab, while sugar babies choose the attractive tab. The next prompts will ask about your height, body type, education, ethnicity, location, and income, among other things. Though there are some comprehensive aspects, some users choose to ignore filling some of the profile sections. Note that you can edit some of the information later.

Next, you need to upload a photo. It could take approximately one hour (if only a few members have submitted their pictures for verification). And since administrators review individual profiles, it might take up to 48 hours in rare cases. You need at least one photo to have a valid profile photo. This requirement is vital in weeding out fake accounts. When done, you will see a prompt that will notify you of your account status; “your profile is being approved.”

New users who want to find dates by bidding must take time to fill out their profiles comprehensively. This way, they increase their chances of attracting bidders and, finally, landing dates. But if you only want to use the site to connect with people interested in sugar dating, you only need an email, username, and a password before you get to browse the website.

So, how do the profiles look like? The first thing you will note is a dashboard of other users’ photos. Users have an opportunity to describe themselves when signing up –there are at least 20 sections you can fill to introduce yourself to potential members.

So, what will you see if you click on a user’s profile? You can know about their ethnicity, body type, relationship status, height, religion, location, smoking and drinking habits, income, occupation, interests, and hobbies. Users can indicate their interests as friendship, discreet dating, sugar dating, casual hookups, and friendships. Clicking on the ‘describe yourself’ tab gives an idea of what a user thinks makes a perfect first date.

Unfortunately, unverified members don’t stand a chance of viewing profiles as a measure against fraudsters and fakes. Profiles are detailed, and you can edit or add some information after becoming a valid member.

Profile Verification

Though signing up and creating a profile gives you access to What’s Your Price, you must undergo verification to use all the site’s functions. For instance, you can view profiles and add them to the favorite list to contact them later. Normally it takes an hour before you can use the unverified profile.

However, the best way to prove your credibility is to upload your photo. Moderators will check the picture to prove that the person meets the site’s standards. It takes 24 to 48 hours before complete verification happens. However, members should know that uploading several photos delays the verification process –the team reviews several individual photos. So, it will be best to upload one photo at any given time for quick verification.

What’s Your Price Pricing and Subscription

What’s Your Price Pricing and Subscription

You can register and view profiles for free when using the What’s Your Price website. The first date will cost you approximately $125.00 –you pay this amount on What’s Your Price. This amount is to help you win a bid as you compete against other bidders.

You will also need some credits to bid and communicate with a match to go on a date with you. So, how much will you pay for credits?

  • 100 credits are worth USD 50.00
  • 450 credits are equivalent to USD 150.00
  • 1000 credits would be worth 250.00

A bid would cost you USD 5.00. Note that you qualify for refunds from What’s Your Price if an administrator removes your account from the site. You also qualify for reimbursement if some payments were made due to autorenewal. However, you do not qualify for refunds:

  • If you contacted a user whose profile is still active (their account still exists on the website. Even if the user doesn’t respond, you should know that the refund policy doesn’t apply.
  • Suppose you have chatted with the user before. Even if they don’t reply to your messages, there will be no compensation.
  • You have exchanged contact with a potential hookup. For example, if a user sends you their contact, email address, social media handles and is likely to go on a date, you cannot claim compensation.
  • If you have met after going on a date with a user, the chances of qualifying for compensation are almost zero.

Free features

What’s Your Price is free to use. So, you can do the following even without buying credits:

  • Sign up and create a profile
  • Browse and view other user profiles
  • Send winks to potential hookups
  • See who likes you

Premium features

Anything else on the What’s Your Price website is free, but you will buy credits to do the following:

  • Bid to connect with attractive members.
  • Message hookups
  • Make an offer to view a member’s private photos.

What’s Your Price Safety and Privacy

Your safety is vital when using any dating site, more so What’s Your Price. You cannot use the platform unless you are 18+. Though the site has an excellent support team, you shouldn’t lower your guard when connecting with other people.

Usually, moderators take time to view the site’s members and verify their credibility. The process aims at removing fake profiles from the app. Even so, you will still find some fakes, fraudsters, scammers, and prostitutes on the platform.

And since you don’t want to end up in a sympathetic situation, be sure to practice online safety measures. Either way, this website is safe to use. You can check the privacy policy section to understand what the service expects of you.

Data Protection

What’s Your Price doesn’t reveal your data to other members. You also don’t have to worry about your information being intercepted by third parties. Thanks to the SSL protection protocol, whatever you talk about with a hookup when chatting cannot be revealed or leaked to anyone.

Customer Support and Moderation

The What’s Your Price website has an excellent client care team compared to other sugar dating sites. First, customers are advised to check the FAQ section for comprehensive details –this segment usually consists of some queries that will clarify some of your concerns.

Secondly, you can contact What’s Your Price via a live chat function. This helps when you are looking for instant assistance. You can access the chat function by visiting the help center page and clicking on ‘Customer Support Ticket.’

Otherwise, you can channel your queries and other concerns to the support team by sending an email. The support team is available at [email protected]. What’s Your Price address is Room 2103, Futura Plaza, 111 How Ming Street, Kwun tong, Hong Kong.

One thing you should know is that What’s Your Price has active moderators on the site. They may not interfere with users’ engagement on the site but are likely to note any policy violation practices. If this happens and you are caught violating the site’s terms of service, your account will be suspended.

Overall conclusion

Overall conclusion

If you are looking for a service where you can place a bid to find love, you should try What’s Your Price. The site caters to sugar dating needs, and you can use the site at no cost. However, bidding and messaging are limited to premium subscriptions. We hope the What’s Your Price review helps decide.


Can You use What’s Your Price for Free?

It is exciting to know that you can use the What’s Your Price site at no cost. The site focuses on allowing members to truly express what they are looking for without paying for anything. However, you must purchase credits to woe a member by bidding. And even if a potential sugar baby, daddy, or mama doesn’t reply to your bid, you will receive compensation.

How much does What’s Your Price Cost?

The What’s Your Price site works on free membership -you don’t need any formal membership to use the site. However, the only way to convince someone is by placing a bid. You can bid by purchasing credits. One hundred credits cost $50.00, while 450 credits will be worth $450.00. You can also purchase 1000 credits by paying $450.00.

How Long Does it Take to Verify Your Profile On What’s Your Price?

You can create a profile in minutes and start using the site within an hour. However, a lack of verification might discredit you from reaching genuine members. So, the best way to be among the credible members. You must provide your picture for verification. On average, it takes 24 hours before your profile can be approved. However, it could take a maximum of two days before verification is complete.

How Can I delete What’s Your Price account?

Unlike other dating sites, What’s Your Price doesn’t delete or erase a user’s data from its servers. So, the decision to deactivate your profile is subject to the user. So, if you have made the most out of this sugar dating site, log in to your profile and check the settings on the top right corner; scroll through the tabs and click on the ‘deactivate your account’ icon and confirm the action. Note that you cannot undo the action but request the support team to reactivate your profile and you will receive an email notifying you of the procedure.

Can I cancel the What’s Your Price subscription?

Though there are no premium membership subscriptions, there is no straightforward way you can cancel your plan. You can only stop using your credits or cancel your account altogether. If you don’t benefit from What’s Your Price, you can ask for a reimbursement.

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